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Brand Humanizer, Co-founder at Brand Humanizing Institute & Public Speaker


  • Andrea Manning

    Andrea Manning

    Diversity means employing people that don’t fit the mould. I’m going to be the change I want to see.

  • mark edward murray

    mark edward murray

  • Anthony Chaine

    Anthony Chaine

    CEO of Elite Leadership Consulting, CRO of F500 Co, Author, NSA Speaker. Maladroit Golfer. Find me at:; www.linkedin/in/anthonychaine

  • Sahar Atif

    Sahar Atif

    Data Science & Innovation | AI & 5G | Smart Cities

  • Brand Humanizing Institute

    Brand Humanizing Institute

    We are a growing team of researchers, networkers, tech enthusiasts and behavioral experts working on the synergy between humans and technology.

  • Imane Wijsman

    Imane Wijsman

  • Johan Marcel

    Johan Marcel

  • Marisa Tschopp

    Marisa Tschopp

    AI researcher @scipag | Psychologist’s perspective | #trust #agency #leadership #AIQ #equality #bankillerrobots | PhD @ IWM @women_in_ai Ambassador CH

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